Greening Project

Update: The Greening Project is now complete! Teachers and students have been busy planting seeds and using the outdoor areas.


The PAC received a grant from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to develop an outdoor learning ground area at the school! Here is Shatha Al Qasem, PAC Special Projects Coordinator, describing the project plans:

Cameron Elementary School’s Learning Ground and Greening project will bring children and the community closer to nature by enhancing the grounds of our school with plants and outdoor green space. Currently, Cameron’s school grounds are nothing but hard surface and pounded grass and the community surrounding Cameron is mostly high rises with little access to community gardens.

Cameron School PAC, the garden committee and greening team will bring parents and the community together, through the collaboration and support from different initiatives and Cameron’s community, the school will build a sustainable garden and school learning ground (outdoor classroom) with green shaded area.

The objective of this project is to change the children’s living and learning environment to a place where they can begin to reconnect with the beauty of the natural world through a community garden and outdoor classroom. Students are more likely to invent their own games in green play space. Teachers can create outdoor classroom activities in which students can learn in healthy green open air settings.

img_1587The outdoor classroom and community garden features include:

  • Three raised garden beds — donated by School District 41 (Burnaby)
  • 20 basalt boulders for seating area (shown at left) — provided by PAC and the TD grant
  • Native trees, shrubs, mulch, soil — provided by PAC and the TD grant
  • Two picnic tables in front of the school, with plans to consider adding more — provided by PAC and the TD grant