January PAC meeting minutes now available

Minutes from the January 9 Cameron Parent Advisory Council meting are now posted on the Minutes & Agendas page. Review them to see what the PAC has planned for the spring!

All parents are members of the PAC, and are welcome at the monthly meetings. Join us on Tuesday, February 13 (7:00pm in the school staff room) for our next meeting. Come find out how you can help with upcoming fundraisers, events, and decision-making to benefit Cameron students!

Parent volunteers desperately needed

Dear parents,
The Cameron Parent Advisory Council (PAC) represents all parents and guardians of Cameron students. This year we are struggling to find enough parent volunteers to run our events.
We need you to get involved, or we may not be able to offer events like the Welcome Back BBQ and Multicultural Dinner next year, or make purchases for the school like iPads and projectors, science kits, library books, and buses for field trips. Come to the next PAC meeting to find out about all the ways the PAC contributes to the school, and how you can help.
If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to get involved, please contact us here or email the Chair, Jen Zerkee at chair@cameronpac.ca.

PAC needs you! Parent positions available for 2017-18

Are you good with words? Numbers? People? Technology? We would love for you to bring those skills to the Parent Advisory Council! Please consider putting your name forward for election to an executive position (descriptions below).

Not all of these positions are very time-consuming – there are a variety of levels of commitment, and many positions can be shared by 2 people.

The PAC represents all Cameron parents, so the more parents who get involved the better! Our election will be held at the May 11 AGM. Contact chair@cameronpac.ca with any questions.



  1. The Chairperson presides at all meetings, prepares and distributes the agenda, and is the official spokesperson for the PAC.
  2. The Vice-Chairperson is familiar with the Chairperson’s responsibilities and will assume their responsibilities in case of absence, presides over the Annual General Meeting, and accepts other duties as required.
  3. The Secretary records minutes of all meetings, handles correspondence, and keeps all PAC records.
  4. The Treasurer ensures PAC funds are properly accounted for, maintains financial records and books of account, reports on funds received and spent at each meeting, and drafts the annual budget.
  5. The District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Representative attends all Burnaby DPAC meetings to represent and vote on behalf of the PAC, reports to the executive and membership about DPAC matters, and liaises with other parents and DPAC Representatives.
  6. The Fundraising Coordinator develops a fundraising plan for the year, organizes fundraising events and campaigns, works with the treasurer to ensure incoming funds are handled appropriately, and reports on fundraising plans and amounts raised at each meeting.
  7. The Social Coordinator organizes social (non-fundraising) events for the school community, plans events, reports on event planning at each meeting, and recruits and communicates with parent volunteers.
  8. Members-at-Large serve in a capacity determined by the PAC. At the moment we have two member-at-large positions: Special Projects Coordinator (responsible for the recent Greening Project and grant applications for similar projects) and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (responsible for ensuring emergency supplies are stocked and communicating with staff about these resources). We would also like to add the position of Communications Coordinator (responsible for maintaining the PAC website (www.cameronpac.ca), the monthly PAC newsletter, our bulletin board in the school’s front hallway, and other promotion of PAC activities).

Parents! Do you have comments on the District Budget?

On April 3, Burnaby DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council) reps will discuss the District Budget, bringing forward concerns and comments from parents at each school. If you have comments you’d like us to contribute, please email them to chair@cameronpac.ca or use the webform on the Contact Us page.

From Burnaby DPAC:

In 2016, Burnaby PACs identified three areas of concern hat were significantly impacted by these budgetary cuts [of nearly $10 million over the last 6 years]. Those areas were: (1) cuts to custodial services, (2) cuts to learning support services for students with special needs designations as well as those students who require some additional support but do not have designations, and (3) reduced counselling services for students.

Burnaby DPAC requesting parent input re: provincial budget

The Burnaby DPAC is seeking parent input in order to prepare a letter to the Ministers of Finance and Education advocating for our funding priorities for the 2017 provincial budget. Please review the Theme 5 (K-12 Education) section of the committee’s report, particularly the Recommendations, and submit any feedback to the Cameron PAC Chair/DPAC Representative (chair@cameronpac.ca) before Monday, February 20.

The Ministry of Education wants your feedback on report cards

BC’s Ministry of Education is “looking for input from parents to guide the development of the reporting approach for students in kindergarten to Grade 9 so parents have a better understanding of their child’s progress.” Visit the Your Kid’s Progress site for information about in-person and online ways to provide feedback about your experience and thoughts about report cards. The deadline for providing feedback is February 28, 2017.

Individual Education Plans: A Guide For Parents

The BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) has published a guide for parents on Individual Education Plans for students with special needs:

“Many parents are not sure what to expect at an Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting. When they meet school staff on behalf of their child, they may feel vulnerable or even frightened. Often, they don’t know what to do and are not clear about their role in the process. In this guide, our focus is to help you understand how an IEP meeting works and how you and your child, working together with the school, can get the most out of this process for the benefit of your child.” – BCCPAC

This useful resource is available in multiple languages, and can be accessed below: bccpac-logo

Results – Parent Input on 2015 Budget

The Cameron PAC would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the recent survey on the 2015 School District Budget. Overall, it is clear that Cameron parents are very concerned about the current level of funding for public education.

A summary of Cameron parents’ responses can be found here: Cameron Elementary PAC – 2015 Budget Input.

The report was provided to the School Board for discussion at their April, 14, 2015 meeting and the Burnaby DPAC, who will present feedback from parents across Burnaby at the District’s Partner Group Meeting on April 21, 2015.

Further information on the preliminary District budget, which will be finalized and submitted to the Ministry of Education on April 30, can be found here.